Steering Wheel Stitch Patterns

What Are Steering Wheel Stitch Patterns?

Can’t Decide Which Stitch Pattern You Like Best?

Todays blog is focused on Steering Wheel Stitch Patterns and which one is best for you. Lets discuss what they are called and what cars you will find these stitch patterns most commonly used on. The first thing I want to note is that here at Craft Customs we stitch every steering wheel that comes into our leather department by hand.

Baseball Stitch:

The Baseball Stitch is my favorite and probably the most commonly used stitch for domestic vehicles. If you are looking for a classic stitch, then this is the one for you. The baseball stitch is most commonly used in vehicles like Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Lexus, Honda or in older Classic Cars. The picture above shows the baseball stitch and if you check out our website, you can see 100’s of baseball stitch steering wheels we have done.

Basting Stitch:

The Basting stitch. This pattern really pops when you use a thread color that is different then the leather of the steering wheel!  A lot of luxury brands use this stitch as well as high end domestic vehicles. You will most commonly find the basting stitch in brands like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Lamborghini, etc. The fourth stitch pattern in the picture is also a basting stitch but is used primarily in the BMW M series. Its called Tri-color stitching or M series stitch. These three colors (red, blue, and teal) make M series stand out from other BMW lines. A lot of BMW owners will get this stitch pattern in their car because it looks really cool on the steering wheel.

X Stitch:

The last stitch pattern is the X-stitch. This stitch pattern is used on the Porsche brand. Its very unique and distinctive. If you see it on a different brand’ its because that person saw how stunning it looked on a Porsche steering wheel and wanted to have the same look.

In closing, these steering wheel stitch patterns we discussed can be stitched any vehicle steering wheel. Each pattern takes anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to stitch. If you have a custom car you are restoring or just your every day Driver, this will help you make a stitch pattern decision.  Come check us out now! We always have someone standing by to answer your questions!

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