How to Order

Placing Your Order is easy at Craft Customs

To order a steering wheel, dash or interior trim pieces, follow these easy steps:


Fill out the Quote Form by clicking the Quote Button above to request a quote from us. Please include details about your vehicle and what you want. We can answer any questions you may have regarding your steering wheel, dash or interior components.

Email: or call: 214-564-1170

2 – For ALL orders, you will have to send in your parts. We do not stock cores as every order is custom and we work on over 2000 different makes and models. This simply means you will have to send in your original steering wheel or dash piece, or pick one up at the dealership or a local salvage yard and send that in.  Removing the steering wheel or trim part is very easy. Click here for -Removal Instructions-

3 – Box up your steering wheel or dash, and attach directly to the part, your contact information (address, phone number, email address, etc). Please include the completed order form with your parts. Simply download the form, print it, fill it out, and put it in the box!

For wood jobs, include a sample piece of the wood you want us to match such as an ash tray or window switch bezel. If your leather will be the same color, we can match to the color on it. If you are changing your leather color, you can either send in the leather or send a sample of what you want us to try to match to. 

** Attach small parts to large parts or to your steering wheel so they do not get mixed up with your packing material and get overlooked when unpacking your box. 
True Story: One customer used wadded up newspaper to pack around his steering wheel in the box. Then he rolled up a small gear shift knob inside of one of the pieces of newspaper and put it in among the other pieces of wadded up newspaper. Needless to say, it was thrown out with the trash! We go through every piece of packing material now, but let’s don’t even try that trick.

Craft Customs will not be responsible for small parts loosely packed in your box. It is your responsibility to pack your parts so that small pieces cannot be overlooked.

4 – For packaging, we recommend: a) wrapping each part in bubble wrap, b) then wrapping multiple small parts in a larger piece of bubble wrap, c) tape bubble-wrapped shift knobs and small parts inside the hub of the steering wheel, d) put the parts in a good box, e) fill the rest of the box with Styrofoam peanuts, f)  attach your printed order form with your contact info, a description of what you want done, and a list of each part that you are sending in the box.

5 – Ship the box to:

Craft Customs
2000 E Buddy Lane, Suite #500

Rockwall, TX 75032

6 – We will call you when we receive your package to let you know that it made it safely and to go over the details of your order.

7 – Receive your Order back:  When finished, we will send you completed pictures and a tracking number.

- We need a little info to get Your Price -

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