The Fastest Car in the World in 2020! SSC Tuatara

Fastest Car IN THE WORLD in 2020!!!

Have you ever wondered what the fastest car IN THE WORLD looked like in 2020? Well-being in the auto industry we are always looking for cool cars to show off. This one takes the cake, but not for the reasons you might think. Yes, the SSC Tuatara was the fastest car in 2020, yes it looks awesome, yes, the specs on it are incredible, but what makes this car our absolute favorite, the Steering Wheel! Yep, you heard me correctly the steering wheel. I know what you are thinking, why out of everything this car offers do we like the steering wheel the most?

Well…it’s because we made the custom steering wheel that you see in the video and pictures!! That’s right Craft Customs was given the opportunity to work on this project and we took it and ran with it! From the carbon fiber on top to the black leather and red stitching we did it all, yes even the Alcantara horn button with custom crest in the middle. Check out the video and pictures and let us know what you think! If Craft Customs can do this for the SSC Tuatara, just think what we can do for you!!

There is so much more you will fall in love with when you visit our website! Our awesome staff is ready and waiting. We want to answer any question you might have about anything you want done to your vehicle’s interior. Make sure to ask about the many custom options we offer as well!


Is your old steering wheel or dash trim damaged? Why not let Craft Customs perform our Steering Wheel Repair Service. We will give them a full steering wheel restoration and make them new again! Our painstaking process makes sure your items are perfect when you receive them back from us.
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2020 scc tuatara7
2020 SSC Tuatara
2020 SCC Tuatara
2020 SCC Tuatara

Check out this video link to see The Fastest Car IN THE WORLD in 2020, the Spectacular 2020 SSC Tuatara and check out that steering wheel!

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