Ford F150 Steering Wheel Black 2001-2005.  Also fits F250 and F350

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Ford F-150 Leather Steering Wheel  in new Black leather to exactly match your factory OEM interior.

  • The Steering Wheel is the centerpiece of your vehicle.
  • It is the thing that you touch and look at the most in any car or truck.
  • The condition of your steering wheel is therefore perceived … as the condition of your vehicle.
  • Make your steering wheel like new again … and guess what?
  • Your vehicle will feel like new again!

Craft Customs has been in business for over 31 years, since 1991. We have restored and customized virtually every make and model of steering wheel and interior parts. Based out of the Dallas, Texas area, our shop services the entire United States as well as foreign customers.

If you’re in the market for steering wheels and interior trim parts in wood grain, carbon fiber, leather and Alcantara suede, then look no further. For instructions on removing your steering wheel, this link contains some instructions for general steering wheel removal. Visit our YouTube channel for addition instructional videos. If you have any further questions please call us at 214.564.1170 or email us at

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Core Options

First Option: send in your F-150 steering wheel, and a couple of weeks later we’ll send it back as good as new. We take any buttons, wires and back covers off of the steering wheel, and clean them.  We then FedEx it back to you with insurance on every package.

Second Option: you can pick up a second steering wheel at a salvage yard or on EBay, usually for about $50.  You can then put that steering wheel on your truck and send your steering wheel into Craft Customs. We’ll exactly match that leather and reupholster your steering wheel back to new, just like it was on the showroom floor.

Third Option: use one of our loaner cores.  The core charge is $200, and we refund $100 core charge.  We’ll then exactly match that leather and send you a newly reupholstered steering wheel. You will then have two weeks to send your old steering wheel back to Craft Customs to receive $100 of your core charge back. We will call you for the $200 core charge prior to shipping your new wheel.

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