Racing Stripes & Dials

Racing stripes and dials can be added to a steering wheel to add that sporty look, or to just keep you on the center of the road.  These can be done in leather, or for a paint or carbon fiber steering wheel, they are done in paint and then clear-coated in.

How do our Racing Stripes and Dials work? These sporty additions to your steering wheel give it that racing edge like the feel of driving in the Indy 500.  It is very common for us to add a racing dial to customers orders who plan to use their car for racing.  But, many other customers who are doing more sporty customizations, like carbon fiber, choose to add the racing feel that the Racing Stripes and Dials add to the overall driving experience.  

Our team takes great care in laying out and positioning the dial to be in exact alignment for the steering wheel.  This process looks different for leather steering wheels verses carbon fiber or painted steering wheels.  However, the process if very similar in that the dial has to be perfect, or the alignment of the vehicle will literally be off.  As little as 1/16 inch off can make a noticeable error on positioning of the dial.  Therefore, our technicians spend an extra two hours structuring, laying out, and installing the dial to insure accuracy in it’s positioning and functionality. 

Take a look at our many Photo Galleries where you will see pictures of our work by make and model.  You can also preview the types of stitch patterns that we do!  In addition, check out our Removal page to see the basic steps for how to remove your steering wheel; also, Google has many other links on how to remove your exact model of steering wheel.  

Dials on Carbon Fiber and Paint Steering Wheels

Dials on Leather Steering Wheels

Therefore, whether you are restoring your ride back to factory new or customizing it to the max, Craft Customs is here to help make it happen. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us below:

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