How Do I Drive Without My Steering Wheel?

Since we’re in the business of repairing steering wheels to like original showroom quality, we get that question a lot from our clients and potential clients. First, let’s clarify something—you can’t actually drive without a steering wheel!

But, if you need to drive your car or truck while you wait for our team to bring your steering wheel back to its original condition, you have several options.

Locating a steering wheel is also pretty straightforward. You can probably find a temporary replacement or used steering wheel for as little as $50 on some of the options below:

If you haven’t gotten your price quote and estimated turnaround time, call us at 214-564-1170, or request a quote online. 

Removing and replacing a steering wheel, with or without an airbag, is generally not too difficult for mechanically inclined people who are good with tools. If you don’t fall into that category, you can always have your mechanic install the temporary steering wheel or call your favorite mechanically inclined, tool-friendly family member or friend.  

With a little bit of planning and a few minutes of poking around the internet, you should be able to locate a temporary steering wheel with a reasonable price tag and delivery schedule. Now you’re ready to schedule the restoration of your permanent steering wheel with our team. 

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