Customize your Cadillac with Craft Customs

Here are two ways to customize your Cadillac with Craft Customs! These two Cadillac’s are from different years and customized in different ways and yet both look amazing in their own way! let me introduce them to you.

The first one is a 1992 Cadilac Allante with White Leather top to bottom and a custom snakeskin leather on the sides. When the wheel first got to us it was all black like it was from the factory. So, we stripped off the old worn-out leather and replaced it with the two-toned combination you see below. This one-of-a-kind custom steering wheel is stitched with white baseball stitch on the white leather and maroon baseball stitch on the snakeskin leather. We then took the worn down shiny black horn pad and turned it white and hand painted the Cadillac script in Maroon as well as the horn symbol. This wheel really pops!

IMG 3327
1992 Cadillac Allante

The other custom wheel we did was a 2006 Cadillac DTS! This one also came with original factory leather. It was old and worn out, so we took this wheel and stripped it down and put wood grain top and bottom as the customer requested. Once in the wood grain department we put the wheel through 22 different steps before taking it and putting the hydro dipped wood grain on it. We then wrapped the sides in a cream-colored leather with a cream-colored baseball stitch. Once completed we took the oak-colored airbag cover and painted it maroon to match the customers car interior and then hand painted the area around the logo cream to match the stitching. Check it out below.

IMG 3314
2006 Cadillac DTS
These are only 2 of the many ways you can customize your Cadillac with Craft Customs!



Is your old steering wheel or dash trim damaged? Why not let Craft Customs perform our Steering Wheel Repair Service. We will give them a full steering wheel restoration and make them new again! Our painstaking process makes sure your items are perfect when you receive them back from us.

There is so much more you will fall in love with when you visit our website! Our awesome staff is ready and waiting. We want to answer any question you might have about anything you want done to your vehicle’s interior. Make sure to ask about the many custom options we offer as well!
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