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Exotic Stingray Landcruiser

Exotic Stingray Landcruiser

At Craft Customs, we specialize in customizing Steering Wheels as well as Restorations, even this exotic stingray Landcruiser.  This one was a bit out of the ordinary!


Thought you might like to see this!!

Quite an interesting little job that this customer asked us to do on his Toyota Landruiser. The customer sent in a small piece of actual stingray hide that he wanted incorporated into his steering wheel and asked us to design something that would have the white diamond marking clearly exhibited on it. So, with the small amount of stingray that we had to work with, this is what we came up with.
We obviously only had one shot at getting it right, so after we patterned it, we made a test pattern out of some scrap leather. When we were satisfied with the fit, we made our cuts on the stingray hide, as the pressure was on! Then we carefully shaped it onto the wheel and stitched it up … one careful stitch at a time. The tension on the stitches had to be just right or we would run the risk of tearing the fragile stingray.  Thanks to a great team, we had another very satisfied customer!

Since we stock over 100 colors of automotive leathers, we provide the leather on 95% of our orders. However, we do allow customers to send in their own leathers and exotic skins if they are something that we do not carry, like the exotics.

As always, we are here to customize or restore your steering wheel, dash, interior trim, or leather accessories. We specialize in adding wood grain, carbon fiber, leather or suede to top off any vehicle interior.

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