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Ford F-150 Steering

Does your Ford F-150 Steering Wheel look like it’s seen better days? We Can Fix It! We work with all Ford Steering wheels and even other cars and trucks including Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, and many more. Simply send us the original steering wheel and we will complete the work and send them back to you enhanced and repaired to like factory new.

Wood Dash Repair

Wood Trim Restoration

F-150 Leather Steering

Wrapped Leather  Steering Wheel Restoration for the Ford F-150 and Bronco are among the most common requests we receive. We have restored thousands of steering wheels. Most leather steering wheels that we work with, have a beautiful texture and feel and as with any of our products or services, the highest quality is used to repair each piece.

Leather Restoration

 Are you in search of a company that will restore your Ford F-150 or Bronco Leather Steering Wheel to fit your needs? At Craft Customs, we are pleased to offer the finest line of premium quality leather and stitching for leather repair in the world. Our company has restored hundreds of thousands of leather wrapped steeling wheels and has the ability to restore them for every make and model of vehicle on the road.

Wood Dash Restoration

Wood Steering Wheel

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As a final touch to compliment your F-150 with a new leather wheel wrap, Send us your other dash or trim parts for wood or carbon fiber upgrades. Make your steering wheel, dash, car trim or other car interior item look like it just rolled off the line. Don’t hesitate, Request a quote today for a responce in a few hours.

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Carbon fiber, leather, wood, or just a classic car steering wheel or dash trim. Craft Customs does it all. Click below for a quote in minutes!

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